Is luxury vinyl flooring a durable material?

Is luxury vinyl flooring a durable material?

Luxury vinyl plank and tile are certainly some of the most durable materials on today’s flooring market, with layers of functionality you will put to good use. Even if your home is busy and active, these materials will serve you well for an average of 20 years, based on the options you choose, so read along to find out more today.

Luxury vinyl tile and plank work for you

The base layer of your luxury vinyl tile and plank floors offers excellent stability and serves as a foundation for the next layer, which is the core layer. This layer is made of materials that provide complete waterproof protection in some products, making it a perfect choice for basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.

The wear layer on top also aids in the durability of this flooring, keeping scratches, stains, and fading at bay for many years to come. It is a perfect choice if you have pets or children in the home or have heavy foot traffic in certain areas.

To add a bit more protection to your floors, consider adding a few floor mats or area rugs, especially in places where traffic is highest. This helps to keep dirt and debris off your floors so that they look newer longer and last longer too.

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