Luxury vinyl flooring works in mid-century style

Luxury vinyl flooring works in mid-century style

Luxury vinyl tile and plank are great choices if you have the mid-century decor style in your home. In addition, these floors offer outstanding visuals that fit right into the scheme.

The more you know about the flooring and the style, the better combinations you can make. Here are some facts about why this is a fantastic choice for your home.

What is the mid-century style?

To choose the best flooring, you should first understand the mid-century style. This look embodies the idea of functionality over frivolous looks and designs.

You'll see many lines and elements that don't clutter the space with unnecessary looks. Instead, artistic LVT designs are kept simple yet with an air of elegance that works in your home.

Which floors are the best for this style?

Tile look products are a great choice, as they offer the linear component without too much work. In addition, you can use existing grout lines to give you more authenticity and realism.

But wood and stone looks are also a reasonable choice in every room of your home. You'll see how they work in each one, with impressive matching to all your needs.

What else are these floors suitable for?

Many homeowners love that LVP floors are 100% waterproof, even in flood conditions. They're a great addition to spaces where pets and children have free reign.

They also resist all kinds of wear, including scratches and scuffs. And they can last more than 20 years with professional installation.

We have the floors you need today

At Karrianna Flooring, you'll find impressive materials to match your mid-century design. Take time to speak with a flooring associate about your specific luxury vinyl plank and tile needs for the best results.

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