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Hardwood flooring projects an air of sophistication

Many homeowners consider solid hardwood to be the gold standard in flooring, and for a good reason. Likely, the floor will never need to be replaced or even refinished. Wood flooring, along with complementary accessories and furnishings, projects a sophisticated look that can range from rustic to elegant. Karrianna Flooring in Lexington, Kentucky, satisfies your hardwood floor needs. Our family-owned business, which offers free estimates, specializes in flooring installation.


The method of installation varies widely between the three types of wood flooring. Prefinished solid wood receives finishing treatments in the factory, so boards only need to be nailed to the wood subfloor. Engineered wood floors can also be installed in one day, but boards are designed to fit together at the edges so a floating floor can be constructed. Finally, a two-week timetable is needed for on-site finishing work and acclimation when unfinished wood is installed.

Unfinished solid wood

It is tempting to immediately dismiss the use of unfinished wood because of the complexity of installation. But there are benefits to using this type of hardwood. First, wood species are plentiful. When choosing a less common species, it may be the only option available. Second, the floor has a flush look, with tight seams that are well sealed. This is especially important for kitchen installation. Also, keep in mind that this type of floor adds structural stability to a home.

Prefinished solid wood

Solid wood that receives finishing treatments in the factory tends to have a longer finish warranty than wood sealed in the home. That's because on-site installers do not have access to powerful factory sealers. Prefinished solid wood floors have a beveled look. As with other types of wood flooring, underlayment is placed on the subfloor. This padding provides thermal and sound insulation.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood can be installed in the basement and other moisture-prone spaces. This type of flooring has a plywood base and hardwood surface. Plywood layers are placed in different directions, which makes the flooring resistant to warping when wet. This man-made flooring offers the same look as solid wood flooring. It, too, can be refinished, but probably only once since the layer of hardwood is thin.

Karrianna Flooring brings hardwood floors to central Kentucky, including the communities of Lexington, KY, Georgetown, KY, Nicholasville, KY, Wilmore, KY, Versailles, KY, Frankfort, KY, Richmond, KY, && Winchester, KY. You can visit our showroom in Lexington to browse through the latest engineered and solid hardwood flooring styles and get more information about our services. Or take advantage of our free in-home shopping service to get your flooring project started.