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Judging carpet durability

Homeowners choose carpet for bedrooms and living areas for different reasons. Some like the warmth it brings to a room, while others enjoy the color and texture it adds to any space. Many admirers like the homey look it offers, regardless of decor. Karrianna Flooring in Lexington, Kentucky, has all of the latest carpet styles, and one of these is sure to be a perfect fit for your home. We offer high-quality brands in a range of fibers and textures.

Durable fibers

When choosing a carpet fiber, it is best to consider the typical foot traffic in the room. Nylon has been the go-to fiber for living and family rooms for decades. Triexta, introduced to the marketplace in 2009, is another tough fiber that wears well in the home's busiest rooms. Triexta is inherently stain-resistant, while nylon receives treatments in the factory that make it stain resistant. Warranties on triexta tend to be longer and more comprehensive.

Carpet pile

Fiber isn't the only factor to consider when judging durability. It's also essential to note the carpet pile or the fibers' density and the height of those fibers. A dense low loop pile, particularly suitable for stairs and hallways, is the most durable style. Loops of fiber are sewn onto a backing during the manufacturing process, and those loops can be cut at the tips to create even more styles. Cut pile styles are usually softer underfoot than loop pile.

Popular styles

Frieze and Saxony are the most popular cut pile styles. Frieze carpeting presents a casual look with its long, tightly twisted fibers. The longest fiber style is called 'shag.' Saxony carpet floors have a more formal look with its traditional straight, even fibers. The durability of cut pile styles increases with the number of twists or turns of fibers. The TPI, or turns per inch, can range from 3.5 to 6.0. Patterned carpet floors are an interesting combination of cut and loop pile.

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